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We help students level up their CAIE A2 Subject Revisions by creating ANKI premade decks.
Every last penny of sales made goes to COVID-19 NGOs.

If you've ever been trapped in the cycle of constantly re-reading and highlighting your notes but not seeing improvement, A2KI is for you.

Instead of wasting countless hours reading the same sections of the class notes you must've gone through thousands of times, just to miss out on the specific parts of a subtopic, why not adopt a more productive, natural and efficient way to learn?

πŸ’‘ WHY A2KI?

βš™οΈ ANKI's Spaced Repetition algorithm helps you to effectively identify parts of the topic you have yet to master.

πŸ“… ANKI schedules reviews for you automatically, so you don’t have to worry about which specific topic to study

πŸ€‘ ANKI Web is completely free with unlimited storage to store your ANKi cards. It also has seamless cross-platform functionality.

⏳ It takes a lot of time to create your own decks for each subject, so we created them for you.

πŸŽ’ All A2KI decks are created by A2 students who carefully go through each and every topic in the syllabus and source out vital facts to be converted into flashcards.

βœ‚οΈ All A2KI decks are fully customisable and you can edit, delete and add new flashcards as you please.

πŸ”₯ Topic Updates - In the Gdrive Folder sent to you after purchase, we include a link to sign up for a newsletter that would inform you of the latest updates to the A2KI PreMade Decks you purchased (We continuously update the decks as we come across important facts, especially as Trials approach !)

🀝 A2KI team provides lifelong support and is ready to guide you through ANKI installation and Decks importation.

πŸ‘ͺ A2KI is a non-profit student-led initiative and all funds will be directed towards helping COVID-19 NGOs and victims.

🎀 Our Story

In March 2020, Afiq Amjad and Jia Shing launched a student-led initiative to collect funds for underprivileged community members who lost their livelihood due to the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

With the generosity of the KYUEM Student Population, the project successfully raised MYR 11590.00. All the funds were directed to The Lost Food Project.

As a full-scale pandemic lockdown is once again upon our community, many Malaysians are facing difficulties making ends meet, now more than ever.

Looking around, we began to realize the fortunate position that we've been blessed with and can't help but to feel duty-bound to play our role in helping make life better for people in these communities.

However, given that our A2 examination are around the corner, we had our doubts that we would be able to devote the time and effort required to run another full-scale donation drive.

🧠 That was when we realized that we could use our revision process to fuel our project.

πŸ“± What is ANKI?

Throughout years of studying, we all know that merely re-reading and highlighting are neither effective nor efficient study techniques.

We recognize that study methods like Active Recall and Spaced Repetition are way more reliable to combat the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve. (Which is why Past-Year-Papers are so effective)

Nevertheless, we seldom have the resources to keep track of the facts that are retained in our memory and those that are not.

This is where Anki comes in.

Anki is a flashcard app/software, a tool which has made studying more effective, more efficient and less stressful for thousands of students around the world.

Because it's a lot more efficient than traditional study methods, you can either greatly decrease your time spent studying, or greatly increase the amount you learn.

The best thing is, it is cross platform and it is completely free.

However, creating decks for each and every subject can be arduous and tiring.

Fret not, A2KI is here to sort things out.

πŸš€ The A2KI Team

Here at A2KI, we create premade ANKI decks for you, covering every topic in the A2 syllabus for your revising needs.

Our team are A2 students themselves. As they study the syllabus, they carefully go through each and every topic and source out tricky facts to be converted into flashcards.

The subjects we offer are:

πŸ§ͺ Chemistry

🧬 Biology

πŸ“ Physics

πŸ’Ή Economics

🏺 History

🦈 Marine Science

Grab your deck today and instantly supercharge your A2 revisions!


Once your payment has been processed, a Google Drive link will be delivered directly into your email inbox.

In your personal GDrive folder, you will find:-

🏫 Free ANKI Crash Course - A link to sign up for a free Skillshare comprehensive course on ANKI

πŸ“‚ A2KI Pre-Made Decks - Anki deck package (.apkg) files of the subjects you purchased which you can use infinitely and have full access to edit, delete and add new flashcards.

πŸ“„ Installation Manual - 3 articles carefully detailing every step to installing ANKI onto your devices and importing your Pre-Made Decks into the app. They also cover ANKI Add-Ons, Keyboard Shortcuts and Decks Customizations.

πŸ“© Newsletter Link - A link to sign up for a newsletter that would inform you of the latest updates to the A2KI PreMade Decks you purchased (We continuously update the deck as we come across important facts, especially as Trials approach !)

These are sure to help you revolutionize your A2 revisions and help you master the key ideas in less time, allowing more freedom for you to reconsolidate trickier concepts.

Grab yours now!

πŸ‘ͺ How does A2KI help the community?

For the premade deck of each subject, we place a price of RM10.

As students ourselves, we think that this is an extremely affordable price as it has the potential to supercharge your revision in unprecedented ways.

Considering ANKI is free (except on iOS, even then you can use the web browser version which works fine), you can use the pre-made decks infinitely and have full access to edit, delete and add new flashcards.

Every last penny of sale (πŸ€‘not profit!) will be directed to members of community that require financial assistance. We are currently looking at Mohd Shakier Ismail and we continue to look for other organizations/individuals to direct our funds.

Our team will generate a project report which details the direction of all our funds once this project comes to an end. This report will be sent to all buyers via email once it is completed.

Through this A2KI project, we hope to benefit both students and communities in need.


The preferred payment method is through Bank Transfer.

Bank Number: 38950780836
Bank Name: Hong Leong Bank
Recipient Name: Wee Jia Shing
Receipt Reference: A2KI - [Insert Your Name]

Please download/screenshot the transfer receipt.

For your convenience, you can also copy the Bank Account Number below.

How to Place My Order

1. Fill up all the details required in this Order Form.

2. Select the A2KI Subjects Decks you would like to purchase.

3. Attach the PDF copy/screenshot of the transfer receipt.

4. Submit and wait for the Decks to delivered to your email inbox!

❓ Frequently Asked Questions


πŸ“ž Contact

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us and we'll do all we can to help you out!

The easiest way to contact us would be to fire an email our way at [email protected]

Other than that, feel free to contact us through Whatsapp.
Just note that Afiq (+60 12-240 3780) is about a million times more responsive on Whatsapp than JS (+60 18-201-4006) is.

Hope to get in touch soon!